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Guns and Abortion

Artificial Intelligence is currently a media darling. When they’re not talking AI, the rest of the news is dominated by abortion and guns. I wanted to write a learned essay about the similarities in the arguments for both. But then I thought that it might be better to let AI do the work for me. […]

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WordPress Week

I host all my WordPress clients at DreamHost. This offers me a number of advantages. First, there are two platforms available to me: shared hosting and my own VPS. Shared hosting works fine for low-volume websites that are mostly static pages. If I front them with caching from CloudFlare (or something similar) then no-one can

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Three years??

OMG! I just looked at this WordPress site because version five is now available. It’s been three years since I last posted something. Jeez! Not that the world has been beating down my door for nuggets of wisdom or anything. But wow, looks like I’ve been busy. On the other hand, perhaps it’s been a

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