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Consider the example of one of my best clients ever: the Niello Company. Niello hired me early in the gestation of the Internet to be, for the lack of a better term, their Internet Handyman. I registered their domain names. I built their dealership websites. Provided email addresses. Added spam filtering when it became an issue. When they started selling things like accessories, I built them shopping carts and all the backend tools they needed to do their commerce. I often nudged them into trying new things like a “build your car” option for the Porsche website. It was experimental but customers wound up loving it. As time went by the websites evolved from static HTML sites to dynamic ones controlled by a custom Content Management System that I created specifically for their needs, which made it easier to convert their websites to be responsive sites that worked equally well on desktops and mobile devices.

Now that the Niello folks are in a stable environment, it’s time to find new patrons that can use my services. The secret to my success is that I am both a big-picture guy as well as someone who loves to get into the details. I build websites mostly by hand. Yes, I can build you a website with WordPress. But the fastest and most efficient websites are created by old-fashioned hand coding. So if you hire me, don’t expect to keep me in a silo, focused on one small job. I do my best work when I can look across the entire organization and find opportunities to make computer technology do what it does best: improve the business.

So I’m looking for a small, select number of new clients that I can help out. What are the things you can expect from me? Here’s a nice unordered list to review:

  • Domain registration
  • Website hosting
  • Email management and spam filtering
  • WordPress administration
  • Linux server management
  • SSL certificates
  • DNS management
  • Computer Programming in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Responsive website construction using the Bootstrap Framework
  • MySQL database design
  • Migration to the “cloud”
  • Crisis resolution (example: recovering a domain held by an administrator who died)
  • Don’t see your issue? Just ask and I’ll figure it out…
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