Not only do I build and manage websites for my clients, I own and operate a number of websites of my own. Here’s a list of the important ones:


SacAutos is my primary business website. Currently it is a portfolio website for my Website Consultant business. However, it is my plan to make it into a Sacramento-only auto inventory website, sort of like SacBusiness except for cars. Look for that change to happen late 2022.


SacBusiness is a domain that I noticed went dormant a few years ago. I acquired it from the owner and relaunched it as a free business listing website. My goal is to get my name and services in front of as many eyeballs as possible by giving away SEO rankings. The greater the number of business owners that sign up for a free listing, the bigger and better the results.


WordPress is a tricky animal. It powers a lot of websites and is great as long as the software and plug-ins are kept up to date. But when things go wrong, they do so spectacularly. I launched this website to pull in business for building and repairing WordPress sites.

Fulton Cars

I’ve sat on the board of directors for the Fulton Avenue Association for a number of years. Fulton Avenue has long been known in Sacramento as Auto Row. However, with the rise of automalls, many customers have been pulled away. This website is part of an effort to create a “virtual” automall. It will be relaunched in 2022 with better design and will be mobile-friendly.

Sacramento History Online

SacHistory was a project that was started by some local Sacramento Museums. We built and launched the site. However, over time, the museums chose to stop funding the hosting for it. I thought that it was a useful resource, so I updated it to work on smartphones and kept it going.

K Street Mall

This domain name goes back to the early days of the web where I was giving away websites. I registered the name and looked for a partner. But none could be found. So eventually I launched this website as a resource for downtown redevelopment on K.

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