The SacBusiness hub of websites

I’ve been faced with a difficult problem. Originally, I ran this simple blog site as well as my SacAutos business website. Then I decided to try and capture some WordPress business, so I created the SacWordPress website. Of course during the pandemic I was building the SacBusiness directory website. Then Steve decided to retire and I got a chance to pick up PageWeavers too.

After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better to have a hub of websites that link back and forth to each other organically then try to create a single mega-site. So today I’ve completed the transition into a hub. At the center is SacBusiness, which has everything about all the services as well as the customer contact form. SacAutos is still around for the auto-related business until I can turn it into a car directory. SacWordPress is still there for WordPress design and management. PageWeavers is for design. And this website is for programming background for consulting.

They all have links back and forth to each other in an organic way. The idea of creating a hub of sites is to improve overall page rank, a key SEO factor with Google. Another potential benefit is that I can list three or four website design companies in Sacramento with search engines, which should improve my overall conversion rate because I have multiple horses in each race.

Will it work? Time will tell. The clock is now ticking…

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