These guys deserve biopics

Two of the funniest men who ever lived, Jack Benny and Bob Hope, are unknowns to the current generation. In their primes, they were at the top of the entertainment industry. Isn’t it about time they were reintroduced to America? I’ve already figured out who should star in these pictures.

For Benny, I can’t imagine a better actor than Kelsey Grammer. He looks like Benny and often acts like Benny. He’d be perfect. And in doing a brief Google search for the two men, I see that Grammer even hosted a one-hour special in 1995 about Jack and his bio lists Benny as an influence on his career. Who could possibly be better?

And for Hope, I’m thinking Tom Hanks. Hanks has the same nose as Hope. He and Hope have been strong supporters of our troops. Hanks rose to fame for his comedic roles so he could easily pull it off. Hope had a very long and admired career as had Hanks. In my mind, he’s the natural candidate.

So come on guys – whomever owns the film rights to these famous comedians careers needs to get this deal going. America needs a good laugh and these men were some of the funniest who ever lived. They deserve another look.

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