Welcome to the 20th Century

Well, I finally did it. After 12 years of having a personal website, I finally got around to starting to use it. I imagine I’ll be hearing from the media any moment now…

Meanwhile, now that I have a blog, it causes me to reflect on why I registered a personal domain in the first place. Yes, it’s very handy for email. No ISP can ever pull the rug from under me. (Over the years I’ve seen that happen to far too many people.) But I’ve always thought that thought that all bloggers seem to enjoy once in a while, if not often. What if I wrote things down that mattered to me and other people read those thoughts and they had some sort of positive impact. Wouldn’t that be cool? Sure it would – and now that there are a bazillion other bloggers out there I’ve guaranteed that nobody is likely to know or care! Such is life. 😉

Anyway, if you, unknown reader, have made it this far, then good. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy. Because in the end, all writing that matters is really a labor of love. It made me feel good doing it. And if it had an impact on you, then that’s all the better.


– Dave

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